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At DataStack Consulting, we take pride in delivering data-driven solutions that drive growth and efficiency for our clients. Our projects showcase a diverse range of initiatives we have undertaken, from cybersecurity posture assessments for government agencies to ETL process improvements for large-scale data migration projects. Explore our projects to see how we have transformed businesses by leveraging our expertise in data analytics, business intelligence, and data management. Witness the power of data in action, and learn how DataStack Consulting can help your organization unlock its full potential.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment for Public Sector

Collected, cleaned, and analyzed asset data to evaluate the cybersecurity posture of various agencies.

Analyzing the data

Dashboard Reporting for Web Applications

​Mapped and analyzed critical data for web applications, creating meaningful dashboard reporting for improved user experience.

Regulatory Compliance Analysis

Applied regulatory standards and policies to procedural data analytics for a government agency.

Glowing Object

Data Migration for Cloud Environment

Led a data migration project, transforming and migrating data to a secure, production-like cloud environment.

ETL Process Improvement

Streamlined data migratory processes using Alteryx tools and Azure databases for a large-scale data migration project.

Illuminated Poles

Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Utilized advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to identify customer segments and optimize marketing strategies for a retail client.

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